In 2012, Valeria Alarcón (aka Val) began her career as a holistic health coach while healing from thyroid-papillary cancer. She was diagnosed at the young age of 35 and although this was a shocking realization, one that underscored the fragility of life, she embraced this as a unique opportunity to embark on a healing journey. She made an intentional decision to not fall victim to a dis-ease but rather to feel empowered by her will and commitment to reclaim her life. This poignant decision was deeply seeded in her commitment to discover how she arrived to this place of cancer physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually and to heal from the inside out. Self-care became her #1 commitment and real food became her medicine, this experience enhanced her knowledge in preventative and alternative medicines, bio-individual nutrition, and inspired her to become a health and food justice advocate.