Resurfacing landscape designer who graduated from waterwise native landscapes and hobby farms to permaculture food forests, planned grazing and local food production.

Establishing a homestead at Rancho de Mañana in the Big Bend Country of Texas, among other enterprises. A beginning Texas Farm and Ranch Woman on the Certified Educator tract for Holistic Management International. Infatuated with soil and productive chaotic living systems. Inspired by patterns and processes we observe and are a part of. Fueled by relationships. Celebrating and saving pollinators!

In service to the matrons, patronas, and grandmothers who are stewarding their land holdings with love and heart for the legacy we are leaving our little ones. Also known as, regenerative agricultural production. Let's get the fruit on the trees, ladies!

Favorite Ecological Term? Trophic Cascade 
An ecological term beautifully illustrated in "How Wolves Change Rivers" at Yellowstone National Park. How everything gets better when we introduce the keystone species… imagine adding in Beavers, Wolves, and behaving as a positive keystone species as humans.