Joe D Lucero, Traditional Elder of Isleta Pueblo, has been serving his community as pueblo leader most of his adult life.

Mr. Lucero born and raised at Isleta Pueblo attended Isleta Day School as a child, was transferred to St. Katherine’s Indian School then to Sherman Indian School.  

His life is full of interesting stories as he traveled with his brother’s in his early life touring with a Native American Singing and Dance troupe to various New England states.  He worked with Tiwa Traders in Albuquerque as a silversmith before he met his late wife of 65 years.  

Mr. Lucero retired from UNM as journeyman electrician where he worked for nearly 20 years.   Previously, assisted building Mossman and Bellamah Homes.

Self made contractor, Mr. Lucero built onto a two-room village house while building another ranch house west of the village as he raised his family, in 1979 built his third home at the village proper where he now resides.   

Mr. Lucero farmed as a young boy into adulthood, at age 97 still has a small garden and reaps the benefits of his apple and apricot trees by sun drying them after harvesting.   Mr. Lucero works on leather pouches and beadwork aside his contribution as a traditional spokesman for the Isleta people.